Prolotherapy Training Seminars for Physicians

The following are upcoming educational meetings, workshops, and travels for Prolotherapy training for physicians. Notice to meeting organizers: If you are sponsoring a Prolotherapy meeting or training session, please email for a free posting of your meeting.

May 6-10, 2014 | KANSAS CITY, MO

The AOAPRM announces its 2014 Prolotherapy/PRP training seminar with a 3 hour knee and shoulder injection lab for hands-on training. The AOAPRM is also sponsoring a two day preconference on “Peripheral Nerve Injections” with hands-on ultrasound guided training.

The Pre-Conference includes peripheral nerve injections including anesthesia techniques now used for chronic pain, and new brachial plexus injections. Also covered is various injection solutions with emphasis on the mild neurolytic glycerin, techniques requiring very few injections, the history of peripheral nerve blocks, various caudal injections including latest research on dextrose caudals (sweet caudals), new possible mechanisms of action of dextrose and glycerin (CEDAR theory). Ultrasound guidance will be available during the afternoon workshops.

The Prolotherapy/PRP seminar goal will be to address the diagnosis and treatment of pain and failing body structures. This will be done with the integration of several modalities, as no single modality has 100% efficacy. The modalities will include but will not be limited to, Prolotherapy, Prolotherapy with Plasma Rich Platelets (PRP), Oxidative Therapies, Cranial Osteopathy. We have added a cadaver lab on Friday to allow more hands on injecting and evaluation of the pertinent anatomical structures surrounding the joint. To allow adequate time for every participant to study and inject, we are concentrating on only the shoulder and the knee. Each station will have a proctor to confirm needle placement and give instruction. We strongly recommend that all participants review the knee and shoulder joint anatomy prior to the cadaver lab for the most optimal learning experience.

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July 6-11, 2014 | LIMA, PERU

The American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine (AAOM) through its Latin American subsidiary (LAOM) together with the National Institute of Rehabilitation, Dra. Adriana Flores Rebaza offers the Prolotherapy Workshop in Lima Peru. The workshop objective is to enable Medical professionals advance the theoretical and practical training in Prolotherapy This course will include: daily lectures, instruction on evaluation, correct diagnosis, solutions, needle placement, injection technique and patient treatment. Will take place at the National Institute of Rehabilitation (the main Rehabilitation facility in Peru). The course will provide a unique experience in the practical aspect of treatment with Prolotherapy. The participants will have the unique opportunity to be trained by Physicians with a lot of experience in Prolotherapy, allowing the participant gain invaluable experience. The course also has a social role by providing free medical care to poor patients.

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October 15-18, 2014 | MADISON, WI

The Hackett Hemwall Foundation Annual Prolotherapy Conference and Research Symposium. The conference will include lectures on prolotherapy and anatomy, injection demonstrations, C-arm guided injections on cadavers, and workshops to strengthen sills in anatomical palpation and marking for prolotherapy.

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